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Improve Availability

Increase the availability of your critical assets within your Process or Fixed plant.

Reduce Costs

Equipment breakdowns are one of the most costly events that can occur.

Improve Utilization

Ensure you & your Team are effectively utilizing your equipment at all times.

Drive Improvement

Create a improvement framework that removes defect out of your business.

How it Works

A Solution Tailored to Optimize Mining Process Plants

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We offer an advanced digitally integrated solution that can automatically connect to your data historian or SCADA and creates loss events for configured assets when they stop or are running below target. These events are time stamped, classified, and confirmed against your asset structure and time usage model. The loss events have the ability based on your business rules to automatically trigger a Root Cause Analysis Investigation as part of the Defect Elimination framework.

This framework allows loss events to be investigated and corrective actions established and assigned for continuous improvement. Our solution also contains advanced analytics capability and a studio tool that allows users to configure and build their own reports and dashboards. This feature is especially useful for operations that don’t have an independent reporting layer, as this capability allows the configuration and presentation of production data alongside downtime and defect elimination data provided the production system has been connected. Our solution has capability and is used for Downtime Capture and Classifications, Root Cause Analysis and Defect Elimination, and Integrated Reporting.

The Problems it solves

Make a Change. Optimize your Business.

The business case for the Downtime & Defect Elimination Solution

Not Seeing the Complete Picture?

Analysis of manual downtime tracking spreadsheets has uncovered that at least 50% of the available loss data is either missed, or not recorded correctly. This mainly occurs due to events being missed altogether, and the manual process of analyzing asset signals trying to determine when an asset stopped, restarted, and when it reached target. The follow-on effect of this can be incorrectly reported Availability and Utilization numbers, and improvement programs focusing on the wrong things. Our Downtime and Defect Eliminations Solution fixes this problem by automatically capturing all events without the need for manual intervention.    

Wasting Manhours?

The process of manually tracking Downtime events is time consuming, repetitive and error prone. It is estimated that at least 60 manhours per week is consumed manually checking, correcting, and verifying manually raise events across a number of resources and disciplines. This activity is typically done by skilled professionals and equates to approximately 1.5 full time resources. With the high cost of mining resources and labor shortage this wasted time can impact the site. Our Downtime and Defect Elimination Solution reduces this wasted time and gives resources back.     

Not Using the Data to Make Decisions?

Downtime data can be powerful when in the hands of the right people, however, many Downtime systems fall well short when it comes to disseminating important information. Manual systems often rely on individuals to share basic excel spread sheets which is hap hazard at best. Our Downtime and Defect Elimination solution has fixed this problem with and in build analytics layer that can automatically compile reports and email them to defined lists and can provide real time dashboards for departments that everyone can access.   

Didn't we have this Breakdown Last Month?

When failures occur, a traditional downtime solution can only offer simple event data. They don’t provide the framework to investigate and correct the failure, which often leads to the same failure occurring again and again. Our Downtime and Defect Eliminations Solution fixes this problem by automatically initiating a Root Cause Analysis investigations based on business rules you set. The investigation is managed in our Defect Elimination framework, where corrective actions can be established and managed to prevent the failure from occurring again.        

Solution Key Features

The benefits of the Downtime & Defect Elimination Solution.

Automatic Connections

The solution automatically connects to site systems and removes the need for manual data transfer.


The solution has a unique user-friendly interface for classifications and can be configured to display metrics such as MTTF, MTTR, Availability and Utilization.

Defect Elimination

Automatically generates investigations based on business rules, and acts as your complete improvement framework, storing information and managing corrective actions.


Dashboards can be configured as shared department dashboards that everyone can see, or as individual favorites that only the login user can see.

Studio Tool

The solution has an inbuilt Studio Tool that allows users to build their own reports and dashboards.


Reports automatically assemble important information and can be configured to be automatically delivered to your inbox every day via email.

Solution in Action

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