A mining software suite with industry unique proprietary applications that can determine exactly what is required to:

  • Dramatically Increase Profitability & Reduce Wasted Costs
  • Increase Production Utilising Existing Assets
  • Improve Maintenance Efficiency & Reliability
  • Increase Visibility for Operational Management
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mining software

Optimum mining software offers a multi module mine site platform, where the customer can select the required mining software modules in a mix and match approach, designed to satisfy their requirements and avoid unnecessary regret capital.

With advanced best in-class modules covering mine site requirements such as Metallurgical Accounting, Production Management, Automated Reporting, Downtime & Delay Accounting, Analytics & visual dashboards, Optimum has your process plant and mine site requirements covered.

For more advanced requirements, Optimum offers modules such as Defect Elimination, Critical Process and Equipment Management, Interconnect, Data Portal, and Production OEE, all designed by mining subject matter experts to help you get the most from your mine.

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Optimum software is a unique digital mining software used by some of the biggest mining companies globally. Optimum provides the ideal mix of advanced mine data capture, collection, classification and operational management.

Optimum is ideal as a complete manufacturing execution system (MES), or as your digital mine operating system (MOS), Optimum integrates with existing software systems, connects to process plants, mobile mining fleets, hoists, crushers, conveyors, fleet management systems, CMMS, safety systems and more.

Optimum offers multilingual capability, cloud or on-site installation, global support, and is the leader in mining software with the most advanced comprehensive platform covering the complete requirements of pit to port.

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Optimum is a purpose-built mining software for improving heavy asset operational management and performance. Optimum’s focus is on integrating key operational data, collating, capturing, visualising and disseminating information in a way that supports rapid, sustained continuous improvement.

A mining software suite with unique industry proprietary offerings that can determine exactly what is required to achieve your goals!

We offer a package deal for our mining software, or you can select which combination of our current Optimum Modules will work best for your business, as well as choose the elements within each that are important to you. We believe you should only pay for what you need with our mining software solutions! 


You should be! With our full range of software and services you can have real time access to the top ten metal losses in your process plant anytime, anywhere.

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Productivity & Efficiency

We can help you with: Theory of Constraints, Asset Utilization, Key Performance Indicators, Digital Value Driver Trees, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Short Interval Control, Automated Reporting, One Touch Digital, Metallurgical Accounting, Digitise my Excel Spreadsheets, Continuous Improvement and Production Variance Analysis.

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Decrease Costs

If you're interested in Mine Operation Systems, Automated Reporting, Digital Value Driver Trees, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Short Interval Control, One Touch Digital, Digitise My Excel Spreadsheets or Continuous Improvement, we can help!

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Increase Production

To do this we can help you with: Mine Operations Systems, Theory of Constraints, Digital Value Driver Trees, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Continuous Improvement, Production Variance Analysis, Production Management, Asset Utilisation, Delay Accounting & Downtime Management, Root Cause Analysis, Critical Process Management and Performance Algorithms.

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Improve Reliability

If you're interested in Asset Health Dashboards, Asset Utilisation, Delay Accounting & Downtime Management, Critical Asset & Equipment Management, Critical Process Management, Continuous Improvement, Root Cause Analysis, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and Performance Algorithms, we can help!

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Operational Management

We can help improve Operational Management by focusing on Asset Health Dashboards, Production Management, Key Performance Indicators, Production Variance Analysis, Critical Asset & Equipment, Digital Value Driver Tree, Automated Reporting, Mine Operations Systems, Metallurgical Accounting, Delay Accounting & Downtime Management, Root Cause Analysis and Continuous Improvement.

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Whether you want to Increase Production, Decrease Costs, Improve Reliability, Productivity & Efficiency or Operational Management, we've got the solutions for your common industry issues. Let the team at MPPIglobal work with you to eliminate your pain points and set you on the road to success.

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MPPI Global - Experts in Efficiency & Optimization

We are proven experts in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for Mining and Asset Utilization as well as Theory of Constraints applications.

"Easy to analyse OEE production reports are now automatically generated on a daily, weekly, monthly basis describing major losses within the plant and quantifies losses in terms of metal units or dollars. Implementation has greatly assisted in eliminating noise and efficiently improving plant performance."

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