A mining software suite with industry unique proprietary applications that can determine exactly what is required to:

  • Dramatically Increase Profitability & Reduce Wasted Costs
  • Increase Production Utilising Existing Assets
  • Improve Maintenance Efficiency & Reliability
  • Increase Visibility for Operational Management


The Optimum Asset Health Solution presents a complete, accurate, and easily understood picture of an asset or site’s health. Read More...

Defect Elimination

Defect Elimination is a performance solution used to manage the complete improvement process at a mine site. Mining operations today have a strong focus on improvement through preventing failures, removing breakdowns, and limiting production loss. Read More...


The mining industry is changing rapidly in the face of challenges of low commodity prices and declining grades, many mining companies are optimising their business through digital tools Read More...

Downtime & Delay Accounting

Mining companies are moving away from manual data capture as digital tools become the norm. The Downtime & Delay Accountings solution by MPPIglobal connects directly to your SCADA, PLC’s, excel spreadsheets, fleet management systems and Read More...

Integrated  Reporting & Dashboards

With the wide selection of software’s available today, the struggle to harness the information is a challenge faced by virtually every organisation. Read More...

Metallurgical Accounting

Increased corporate governance and more stringent regulatory requirements have created a need for many mines to improve metallurgical accounting processes and practices. In compliance with the AMIRA P754 Code Read More...


The Process Plant OEE solution is one of the most advanced production improvement solutions available within the mining industry today. The solution discovers significant hidden production capacity within your fixed plant, process plant, hoist, crushing plant and Read More...

Production Manager

In today’s fast paced mining environment, up-to-date information is paramount for making effective operational decisions. Many mines are drowning in data and spreadsheets, leading to delays in understanding Read More...

Short Interval  Control

The mining industry is changing rapidly in the face of low commodity prices and declining grades, many mining companies are optimising their business through digital tools and solutions.     Read More...



Optimum is a purpose-built mining software for improving heavy asset operational management and performance. Optimum’s focus is on integrating key operational data, collating, capturing, visualising and disseminating information in a way that supports rapid, sustained continuous improvement.

A mining software suite with unique industry proprietary offerings that can determine exactly what is required to achieve your goals!

We are industry leaders in mining management software

We offer a package deal for our mining software, or you can select which combination of our current Optimum Modules will work best for your business, as well as choose the elements within each that are important to you. We believe you should only pay for what you need with our mining software solutions! 


Here at MPPIglobal, we work with some of the largest and most complexed mining companies in the world. Our core focus is to work internationally and solve challenges using remote technology...Read more

We are proven experts in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for Mining and Asset Utilisation as well as Theory of Constraints applications.