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To understand why you should work with us, it's important to understand our culture and differences. We pride ourselves on producing solutions that make a difference to our customers. Our mandate is not selling licenses, software or services, but rather building long-term mutually rewarding relationships with organizations who share a passion for success. Our team has a broad mix of industry experience, deep domain knowledge, and provide a unique insight into connecting challenges with digital solutions for improved outcomes.

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Andrew Petrik - Newcrest Mining

Our fixed processing plant had traditionally utilized a loss reporting system which was cumbersome and lacked the capability of producing useful data. Analysis was time consuming and often results were misleading. The Optimum Production OEE module was implemented to better understand plant priorities and to streamline our efforts in resolving the right issues. Easy to analyse OEE production reports are now automatically generated on a daily, weekly, monthly basis describing major losses within the plant and quantifies losses in terms of metal units or dollars. Implementation has greatly assisted in eliminating noise and efficiently improving plant performance.