Trigger Action Response Plan (TARP)

Save time by focusing on the right priorities

Trigger Action Response Plan (TARP) reduces the need for management to waste valuable time thinking about what constitutes a critical production issue and what must be done in response. Actions regarding loss events are assigned, tracked, and managed within TARP.

The TARP Module inherently indicates the appropriate type of investigation and action required based upon pre-determined triggers. The actions are then assigned to an individual, tracked, and managed within the system.

TARP Module

TARP Features

Continuous improvement platform that provides accountability for actions
Assign a responsibility to a manager and set a due date
Prioritizes loss events through automated trigger levels
Automatic data entry from Production OEE, Downtime, CPEM or manual inputs
Identify the reason for loss based upon predefined business rules
Fix the issue and close out the investigation

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