Maximize Production Buy Understanding Constraints, Restrictions And Improvement Opportunities

Production Variance Analysis (PVA) is critical for updating performance, forecasts and understanding the reasons why production is different to plan.

The PVA solution allows operations to manage variations across multiple time periods, tracking reasons why groups of assets produced differently to plan. This information is collected in a structured way via input into a capture system by front-line leadership. The variance information is automatically collected ready for reporting and is structured into a format that helps uncover the top reasons for production loss over any time period.

PVA encourages ownership of the production plan, deep input into the planning cycle, and a performance culture in the operations team. Buy further implementing the Defect Elimination, major variation can be managed as part of continuous improvement, with major variations triggering 5 Why’s and RCA investigations to help uncover and fix major production restrictions and problems.

Benefits for your company

  • Deep Insight into production variance reasons

  • Transparency of production limitations

  • Deep understanding into what needs to be done to fixed production challenges 

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly aggregated variance analysis 

  • Transparency on planning limitations

  • Understanding of operational constraints       

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Productivity & Efficiency

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