In today’s fast paced mining environment up-to-date information is paramount for making effective operational decisions. Many mines are drowning in data and spreadsheets, leading to delays in understanding what is happening daily from mine to mill with little transparency on how the operation is performing against budget, forecast and the plan. The Production Manager solution solves this challenge and is a material tracking and management system that tracks material movements from the mining face to the mill. The solutions track tonnes, grades, stockpile levels, as well as movements in real-time so you have clear visibility of production levels at each stage of the mining process.


The production manager solution which is powered by Optimum software connects to your software systems, excel spreads sheets and access databases to automatically collect the latest production data, regardless of if it’s from a fleet management system, conveyors, bin levels, stockpile levels or calculated volumes. These volumes are captured, and verification rules established to ensure they are accurate. The production manager has a native adjustment and correction tool that allows volume adjustments to be corrected due to instrument errors or other factors. The Production Manager solution also incorporates budgets and forecasts data as well as conducting comparisons between plan and actual performance in real-time. The Production Manager comes with a full set of analytics capability including presenting real-time data to production dashboards and automated reports.                          



The Production Manager solution is powered by Optimum software,  an internal connection capability that allows it to connect to all known software systems, excel spreadsheets, access databases and more. This unique ability allows data from all connected systems to be access directly from within Optimum. Connections are established managed and supported within Optimum and once establish are automatic.

User Access

Through a simple windows integrated login, a user can access any connected software system. With security permissions and privilege settings, access to data can be managed at an individual user level. Users have the ability to establish favourites, and when authorised, can adjust and modify production targets, budgets forecasts.


The Production Manager solution is powered by Optimum software. Optimum’s reports module allows the establishment of defined reports that can be automatically distributed via email or text message to defined distribution lists. The reports can collect data from the Production Manager solution or any other connected software system and display in any format within the report. Reports can be set up to run in any time increment with typical application covering hourly, end of shift, daily, monthly and quarterly. The integrated solution is ideal for decision support putting important information into the hands of the people who need it.


With the Production Manager solution comes a range of analytics capability including real-time interactive dashboards, with provision to display users’ specific information, or common department information on dashboards throughout the workplace. Optimum offers advance capability in trending, graphing, and pivot table analysis to all connected data including the ability to export directly to excel.

The Solution

The Production Manager solution drives improvement in productivity and efficiency by reducing the manual handling of data, removing errors, and fast-tracking information to decision makers when they need it. The solution enables a clear understanding of production volumes, performance against plan, and visualization of important production data in real-time.  


The MPPIglobal team offer the one-stop approach with a full range of consulting services for the Production Manager solution. We conduct workshops and data mapping exercises to establish important connections. We develop and deploy the architecture required to support the solution, and we provide solution training and support allowing your company to get the most value from your data in a seamless solution deployment.


  • One central location for site production data.

  • Real-time tracking and comparison of production performance.

  • Real-time data visualisation on interactive dashboards.

  • Major productivity and efficiency gains with people not conducting laborious data collection.

  • Fully supported solution on robust architecture.

  • Decision support data in the hands of the people who need it.

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