Process Plant OEE

The Process Plant OEE solution is one of the most advanced production improvement solutions available within the mining industry today. The solution discovers significant hidden production capacity within your fixed plant, process plant, hoist, crushing plant and more, by combining the OEE principles and the Theory of Constraints in an advanced design solution, supported by Optimum software. The solution is unique to MPPIglobal, with the OEE equation incorporating grade, rate, downtime, moisture, reprocessing, constraints, and recovery into an OEE solution. The Process Plant OEE solution sets the benchmark for performance using a science-based rate to establish maximum sustainable production. The solution then measures your actual performance (real production) vs maximum sustainable production, and captures the difference including presenting clear actions needed to be addressed to close the opportunity gap. 


The Process Plant OEE solution connects directly to your SCADA, PLC’s, Historian, excel spreadsheets, CMMS, metal accounting and more. The solution is strategically designed to capture production losses incorporating constraints or bottlenecks. The losses are automatically captured via an integrated connection, and classifications assigned. The OEE solution accounts for the complete loss equation systematically identifying losses that effect production and excluding events that have no impact. The solution integrates with labs and metal accounting systems to allow losses to be presented in final product impact such as copper, gold, nickel, Iron ore, coal etc. The losses are then presented in reports and dashboards. The solution is at its most effective when losses are fed directly into our defect elimination solution for investigation.



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Optimum has an internal connection capability that allows it to connect to all known software systems, excel spreadsheets, access data bases and more. This unique ability allows data from all connected systems to be access directly from within Optimum. Connections are established managed and supported within Optimum and once established are automatic.     

User Access

Through a simple windows integrated logon, a user can access the Process Plant OEE solution on fixed or mobile devices. With security permissions and privilege settings, access to data can be managed on a per user credentials level. Users have the ability to establish favorites, and when authorised, they can classify and confirm production loss events in the Process Plant OEE solution.


Optimum reports allow the establishment of defined reports that can be automatically distributed via email to defined distribution lists. The reports can collect data from the Process Plant OEE solution, and any connected software system and display in any format within the report. Reports can be set up to run in any time increment with typical application covering Hourly, end of Shift, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly. The integrated reports are ideal for decision support putting important information into the hands of the people who need it.


With the Process Plant OEE solution comes a range of analytics capability including real-time interactive dashboards, with provision to display users’ specific information, or common department information on dashboards throughout the workplace. Optimum offers capability in trending, graphing, and pivot table analysis to all connected data including the ability to export directly to excel. Common uses for dashboards include Process Plant OEE metrics, department KPI’s, production dashboards, safety dashboards, planning and compliance dashboards and more.

Defect Elimination 

Defect Elimination connects to the Process Plant OEE solution to automatically capture events that meet business rules based around loss. Defect Elimination automatically determines the level of investigation required (RCA, 5 Why etc) for each event, and assigns an investigator based on discipline. The solution than manages the complete investigation process and subsequent actions.    

The Solution

The Process Plant OEE solution discovers significant hidden production capacity within your fixed plant, process plant, hoist, crushing plant and more. By combining the OEE principles and the Theory of Constraints, the solution captures all losses against a science base rate to establish priorities for action, and to maximise production output

What makes the Process Plant OEE solution the best solution available for maximisING production.

  • The solution makes everyone accountable for production improvement.
  • Anything that impacts production is captured.
  • Recovery is managed as part of production equation.
  • Bottlenecks and constraints are accounted for.
  • OEE targets are science based.
  • The unique ability to split by time and depth of loss.
  • The solution integrates directly with Metal Accounting.
  • The ability to report ONLY losses that impact production.
  • Direct integration to your CMMS for automatic work order creation
  • Bench Marking performance capability.
  • The ability to report losses in final production
  • The operator interface that contains an advanced user graphical view (not the typical grid box)
  • Analytics capability that contains graphs, dashboards, pivot tables, trends, and user favorite views
  • Automated reporting that automatically delivers reports to distribution lists
  • Direct connection to our defect elimination solution.


The MPPIglobal team offer the one-stop approach with a full range of consulting services for the Process Plant OEE solution. We conduct workshops, build asset structures, cause codes, map data connection, build reports and dashboards. We develop and deploy the architecture required to support the solution, and we provide solution training and support, allowing your company to get the most value from your data in a seamless solution deployment.


  • Only losses that effect production are captured.

  • Hidden production capacity is discovered.

  • All disciplines become accountable for production.

  • Understanding what to work on becomes clear.

  • Business case justifications are now simple.

  • Increased production, revenue, and profit without capital.

  • Automatic email delivery and report distribution.

  • Real-time data visualisation on interactive dashboards.

  • Fully supported solution on robust architecture.

  • Decision support data in the hands of the people who need it.

  • Benchmarking capability of assets.

  • Clearly understand the opportunity gap in real production terms  

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