Increased corporate governance and more stringent regulatory requirements have created a need for many mines to improve metallurgical accounting processes and practices. Smart organisations are moving away from non-transparent, non-auditable excel spreadsheets or custom-built solutions as they move towards compliance to the AMIRA P754 code. Optimum's Metallurgical Accounting solution provides a unique integrated solution for replacing your unsecured excel driven or custom-built metallurgical accounting system with a digital compliant solution.  Our solution presents a cost-effective approach that decreases risk, improves security, accuracy and provides traceability all at a fraction of the costs of what you would expect to pay.


The Metallurgical Accounting solution is configured to match your existing metallurgical processes at site and absorb your existing excel spreadsheet. Integration and connection are established to your source systems such as historians, SCADA, PLC’s, production managers etc. Data is set up to automatically flow with validation rules and reprocessing capability. User permissions are established, and audit logs created for change tracking. The solution creates transparency in calculations, has adjustable factors and can manage the most advanced metallurgical functions across any metal operation with compliance capability to the AMIRA P754 Code. Important information is distributed via automatic reports and displayed on dashboards.



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Optimum has an internal connection capability that allows it to connect to all known software systems, excel spreadsheets, access databases and more. This unique ability allows data from all connected systems to be access directly from within Optimum. Data can be replicated, batched, and stored for speed of recovery, or collected on a pass-through model on user demand. Connections are established managed and supported within Optimum and once establish are automatic.

User Access

Through a simple windows integrated logon, a user can access the Metallurgical Accounting solution on fixed or mobile devices. With security permissions and privilege settings, access to data can be managed on a per user credentials level. Users have the ability to establish favorites, and when authorised, they can modify Metallurgical Accounting data.    


Optimum reports allow the establishment of reports that can be automatically distributed via email to defined distribution lists. The reports can collect data from the Metallurgical Accounting solution, and any connected software system and display in any format within the report. Reports can be set up to run in any time increment with typical application covering Hourly, end of Shift, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly. The integrated reports are ideal for decision support putting important information into the hands of the people who need it.


With the Metallurgical Accounting solution comes a range of analytics capability including real-time interactive dashboards, with provision to display users’ specific information, or common department information on dashboards throughout the workplace. Optimum offers capability in trending, graphing, and pivot table analysis to all connected data including the ability to export directly to excel. Common uses for dashboards include Metallurgical Accounting data, department KPI’s, production dashboards, safety dashboards, planning and compliance dashboards and more.


The Metallurgical Accounting solution provides a cost-effective approach for replacing your existing excel spreadsheet, access data based or custom-built application with a compliant digital solution. The solution provides security, audit trails, automatic data collection, user permission levels, data validation rules, automated reports and dashboards, as well as moving you closer to AMIRA P754 code compliance.

What makes the Metallurgical Accounting solution great?  

  • Costs effective transition over to a digital supported solution.
  • Data is automatically collected and verified.
  • Permission based logins and change tracking.
  • Compatible for compliance to the AMIRA P754 Code.
  • Advanced reprocessing engine.
  • Automated reporting that automatically email reports.
  • Dashboards that display import metallurgical data.


The MPPIglobal team offer the complete approach with a full range of consulting services for Metallurgical Accounting. We can conduct workshops, map data connection, build reports and dashboards. We develop and deploy the architecture required to support the solution, and we provide solution training and support, allowing your company to get the most value from your data in a seamless solution deployment.


  • Cost-Effective Metallurgical Accounting Software.
  • Compliance capability to AMIRA P754 code.
  • Provides
    • Data traceability
    • Data auditability
    • Security level access
    • Transparent processes 
    • Automatic backups
  • Decision support data in the hands of the people who need it.

  • Reconcile production data.
  • Identify sources of measurement variance.
  • Optimise overall plant performance and recovery.
  • Provide a single view of production.
  • Automatic email delivery and report distribution.
  • Real-time data visualisation on interactive dashboards.
  • Perform integrated mass balance computations.

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