Digital Value Driver Trees (DVDT)

Understand The Interactions And Interoperability Of Changing Business Variables

If you have ever asked yourself “What would be the effect of running the mill at a 5% lower speed?” or “What effect would increasing the maintenance budget on the hoist have on the yearly mine production?”  then Digital Value Driver Trees (DVDTs) are for you.

DVDTs are data models that map out important business variables into a causal network, in order to simulate the knock-on effects of changing one or more of those variables. DVDTs return the results in a chosen business value, whether it be in ounces of gold recovered, units produced, or profit made.

A well-implemented DVDT results in more effective decision making and a better understanding of the plant.

Benefits for your company

  • Get quick answers to complicated questions.

  • Expose powerful data to drive effective decision making.

  • Understand the chain of cause-and-effect across an entire site or plant.

  • Identify which actions will be harmful and which will be advantageous.

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