delay accounting & downtime management

Track Downtime For Increased Improvement Opportunities

In our experience, downtime and delays in the mining, mineral, and metal industries make up around 18% of all capacity loss.

The Optimum Platform automatically captures downtime and slow-running on critical assets, pinpointing where these largest losses are occurring, and prioritizing the criticality of responses. The Optimum Platform automatically generates work orders and follow-up actions for significant events or recurring issues.

The rich data collected exposes important metrics such as MTBF, MTTR., Availability, and Utilization, as well as allowing for extensive ad-hoc analysis through trends and pivot tables.

Benefits for your company

  • Increase downtime visibility

  • Visibility of virtual downtime (slow running) events

  • Enhance insight into production process

  • Pareto analysis capability and early warning of equipment degradation

  • Differentiate between planned and unplanned activities

  • Increase Availability and Performance

Delay Accounting - Downtime Screen
  • Extend asset operational life

  • Establish clear insight into MTBF and MTTR

  • Extend equipment life

  • Eliminate root causes of downtime events

  • Input data for equipment strategy and failure modes effect analysis (FMEA)

  • Improved Asset Optimization

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If you're interested in Mine Operation Systems, Automated Reporting, Digital Value Driver Trees, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Short Interval Control, One Touch Digital, Digitize My Excel Spreadsheets or Continuous Improvement, we can help!

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Improve Reliability

If you're interested in Asset Health Dashboards, Asset Utilization, Delay Accounting, Critical Asset & Equipment Management, Critical Process Management, Root Cause Analysis, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and Performance Algorithms, we can help!

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Increase Production

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Productivity & Efficiency

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