Defect Elimination is a performance solution used to manage the complete improvement process at a mine site. Mining operations today have a strong focus on improvement through preventing failures, removing breakdowns, and limiting production loss. Our Defect Elimination solution built on Optimum software helps achieve this with an automated solution governed by a consistent set of site business rules, that automatically determine investigation types and manage the investigations and corrective actions through to completion.


The Defect Elimination solution can connect to your existing systems to automatically retrieve captured events. These events can take the form of a breakdown, recovery loss, slow running event loss and more. Based on established business rules, the defect elimination solution automatically determines the level of investigation required for each event, and assigns an investigator based on discipline. The solution can also manage manual entry for ad-hoc activities entered in without business rules. Each triggered investigation has a completion date set automatically based on the investigation type. The Defect Elimination solution is investigation agnostic, and can accommodate all investigation types from:      

  • Six Sigma (The DMAIC Process)
  • 5 Why’s
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM)  




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The solution manages investigations and the actions from the investigation in a parent / child relationship, allowing the investigator to develop as many actions as necessary, and to assign them to multiple people to resolve the original event. The solution tracks each action against the assigned person sending email reminders to encourage close out. The investigation information is stored in a centralised repository ideal for storage of photos, reports, witness statements, and important data to help support and manage the complete defect elimination program. The Defect Elimination solution presents data directly in dashboards, sends email notification and reminders, and sends out reports to update stakeholders on progress. Regardless of operational discipline, the Defect Elimination solution provides a framework to drive defects out of the operation in a structured consistent way.


Defect Elimination is powered by Optimum, an internal connection capability that allows it to connect to all known software systems, excel spreadsheets, access data bases and more. This unique ability allows data from all connected systems to be access directly from within Optimum. Connections are established managed and supported within Optimum and once establish are automatic.     

User Access

Through a simple windows integrated logon, a user can access the Defect Elimination solution on fixed or mobile devices. With security permissions and privilege settings, access to data can be managed on a per user credentials level. Users have the ability to establish favorites, and when authorised, they can administer the Defect Elimination solution. 


Defect Elimination is powered by Optimum. Optimum reports allow the establishment of defined reports that can be automatically distributed via email to defined distribution lists. The reports can collect data from the Defect Elimination solution, and any connected software system and display in any format within the report. Reports can be set up to run in any time increment with typical application covering hourly, end of shift, daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. The integrated reports are ideal for decision support putting important information into the hands of the people who need it.


With the Defect Elimination solution comes a range of analytics capability including real-time interactive dashboards, with provision to display users’ specific information, or common department information on dashboards throughout the workplace. Optimum offers capability in trending, graphing, and pivot table analysis to all connected data including the ability to export directly to excel. Common uses for dashboards include Defect Elimination metrics, department KPI’s, production dashboards, safety dashboards, planning and compliance dashboards and more.

Working Examples of Defect Elimination

Mobile Equipment

A Haul Truck breakdown due to hydraulic oil line failure causing 4 hours downtime triggered a 5 Why investigation based on the sites business rules, and was assigned to the mechanical supervisor who has 7 days to complete the investigation and establish corrective actions to prevent this from happening again.  

Fixed Plant

A production crusher breakdown for 6 hrs automatically trigger an RCA based on the pre-configured site business rules. This was assigned to the reliability engineer who has 30 days to conduct the RCA and establish corrective actions to prevent this form happening again.

Mine Production

A production short fall in the mobile mining fleet performance of 5,000 tonne per shift triggered a 5 Why Investigation based on pre-configured business rules. This event was assigned to the production superintendent, who was allocated 7 days to investigate and establish corrective actions to prevent this from happening again.  

Maintenance Management

A critical PM that is overdue in execution within a Maintenance Management System triggered an investigation based on risk. This was allocated the Fixed Plant maintenance superintendent who has 7 days to complete the investigation and implement the corrective actions to prevent this form happening again.

The Solution

The Defect Elimination solution offers a powerful software solution for operations looking to improve, designed to automatically identify losses and risk at your mine site, capture these events based on business rules, and manage the investigation through to completion for overall improvement.   


The MPPIglobal team offer the complete approach with a full range of consulting services for the Defect Elimination solution. We conduct workshops, and data mapping with site department teams to establish important connections, we develop and deploy the architecture required to support the solution, and we provide solution training and support, allowing your company to get the most value from your data in a seamless solution deployment.  


  • Consistent site Defect Elimination framework. 

  • Central repository for investigation data storage.

  • Action management and tracking tool for the site. 

  • Continuous improvement platform that provides accountability.

  • Manages RCA’S, 5 Why’s and other investigation types. 

  • Identify level of investigation based on business rules.

  • Assign personal responsibility for action ownership.

  • Automatic reminders for assigned actions.

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