Asset Health is a critical component of reliability, which underpins maximising production from industrial assets. The MPPIglobal Asset Health solution presents a complete, accurate, and easily understood picture of asset health through a clear dashboard representation of the condition of all critical assets.

How Do ASSET HEALTH Dashboards work?

Most mine sites today are becoming increasingly connected, however, identifying asset-based risks and pending equipment failure still requires manually sifting through mountains of data. Optimum software fixes this, by connecting to all site control systems, historians, ERPs, CMMS, fleet management systems, excel spreadsheets and more, to collect and analyse important equipment data. The data is passed through a reliability centred analysis tool in real-time to construct a live, accurate, visual picture of a site or asset’s health.

Each asset is displayed on the dashboard in the corresponding health condition colour. Users can interrogate the dashboard by drilling directly down to the root-cause of an adverse health condition, via a simple hover and click analysis directly on the dashboard into the asset. Advanced algorithms monitor inputs and process variables, and notify users when an asset’s health deteriorates, allowing pre-emptive action by the solution before failure and losses occur.

The solution has the ability to raise work orders directly in your CMMS based on predicted maintenance requirements, email and text message define groups with warnings and alerts, and automatically deliver work instructions or trouble shooting guides to maintainers/technicians. The Asset Health solution significantly improves reliability, by identifying, predicting, and prioritising potential failures before they occur.



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The Asset Health solution is powered by Optimum software, Optimum has an internal connection capability that allows it to connect to all known software systems, excel spreadsheets, access databases and more. This unique ability allows data from all connected systems to be access directly from within Optimum. Connections are established managed and supported within Optimum and once establish are automatic.

User Access

Through a simple windows integrated login, a user can access any connected software system. With security permissions and privilege settings, access to data can be managed at an individual user level. Users have the ability to establish favourites, and when authorised, can adjust and modify the reliability analysis process, PF curve settings, and conduct basic customisation of reports and dashboards.

Asset Health

The Asset Health solution can be implemented for mobile fleet, fixed plants, power generation, utilities, and more. Implementations range in size from monitoring a single critical asset, to installations monitoring thousands of assets.



With the Asset Health solution comes a range of analytics capability including real-time interactive dashboards, with provision to display users’ specific information, or common department information on dashboards throughout the workplace. Optimum offers advance capability in trending, graphing, and pivot table analysis to all connected data including the ability to export directly to excel.


The Asset Health solution is powered by Optimum software, Optimum’s reports module allows the establishment of defined reports that can be automatically distributed via email or text message to defined distribution lists. The reports can collect data from the Asset Health solution or any other connected software system and display in any format within the report. Reports can be set up to run in any time increment with typical application covering hourly, end of shift, daily, monthly, and quarterly. The integrated solution is ideal for decision support putting important information into the hands of the people who need it.

The Solution

The Asset Health solution presents a complete, accurate, and easily understood picture of an asset or mines health. The Asset Health solution improves reliability, risk management and reduces costs by identifying, predicting, and prioritising potential failures before they occur.  


Fixed Plant Crusher

The average mine site primary crusher can have more than 40 measurement points that provide deep insight into the crusher’s health and reliability.

How many are you monitoring today in real-time?

Mobile Haul Truck

The average mining haul truck can have 50 plus measurement points that provide deep insight into the truck’s health and reliability.

How many are you monitoring today in real-time?  


The MPPIglobal team offer the complete approach with a full range of consulting services for the Asset Health Dashboard solution. We conduct workshops, and data mapping with site department teams to establish important connections, we develop and deploy the architecture required to support the solution, we arrange information for reports and visualisation for dashboards, and we provide solution training and support, allowing your company to get the most value from your data in a seamless solution deployment.


  • Improved reliability of critical assets.

  • Increased production, revenue, and profit.

  • Reduced maintenance costs through avoiding costly breakdowns.

  • Deep Insight into the execution of the maintenance strategy.

  • Clear visibility of your sites complete Asset Health.

  • Drill down capability to the root-cause of unhealthy condition.

  • Integrated CMMS/maintenance platform that drives predictive maintenance.

  • Extended asset operational life 

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