MPPI Global completes Acacia’s Hoist OEE project

MPPIglobal completes Acacia’s Hoist OEE project

MPPIglobal has just commissioned the latest Business Improvement Project designed for maximizing production at one Acacia’s biggest Gold mining operations in Tanzania. Designed, built and commissioned by the MPPIglobal team, the Hoist OEE model has already started uncovering major opportunities for throughput gains in the first shift of operation. Congratulations to both the Acacia team, and the MPPIglobal team for …

MPPIglobal and Kinsevere (MMG)

MPPIglobal driving improvement with MMG at Kinsevere through Asset Utilisation. We are pleased to continue to support Kinsevere in its ongoing drive for excellence, particularly in the EW plant that is now approaching the best in class Current Efficiency for its design. Congratulations to the site teams for outstanding performance.