Replacing Your Metallurgical Excel Spreadsheet With a Digital Solution

Increased demand for corporate governance and more stringent regulatory requirements have created a need for many mines to improve metallurgical accounting processes and practices. Smart organisations are moving away from non-transparent, non-auditable excel spreadsheets or custom-built solutions as they move towards compliance to the AMIRA P754 code.

Optimum Software provides a simple to use, easy to implement and compliant solution with our Metallurgical Accounting Module. The Module is designed to convert your existing excel spreadsheet, or custom solution into a cost-effective commercially supported digital solution.

Metallurgical Accounting Features

Metallurgical Accounting Solution

Metallurgical Laboratory Solution

Convert existing spreadsheet based
processes to a full database driven solution

Multiple levels of security
& authority

Have You

The Optimum Metallurgical Accounting Module has many benefits for you to experience and help you understand why other organisations are using this solution in their site. 

  • Cost-Effective Metallurgical Accounting Software
  • Compliance capability to AMIRA P754 code.
  • Provides
    • Data traceability
    • Data auditability
    • Security level access
    • Transparent processes 
    • Automatic backups 
  • Perform integrated mass balance computations
  • Identify sources of measurement variance
  • Reconcile production data.
  • Optimise overall plant performance and recovery
  • Provide a single view of production

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