A Revolutionary New Approach To ETL Of Mining Data And Connection For All Mining Software.

InterConnect allows you to automatically connect all systems together with a simple narrative, extract, transform and load (ETL) collecting data from across your site. With InterConnect you can connect any source software system or Excel spreadsheet and instantly can manipulate and compare data.

InterConnect can extract, transform and load, which has never been so simple to manage! It doesn't have the drain on resources or repeat work that comes with a fixed schema that constantly requires updating. 

With a bi-directional ETL connectivity, you can pull and push data from one system to the other, transforming how your existing software solutions interact with each other, and how they collectively impact performance of your site. 

Thinking about a "data lake" or a "data warehouse", perhaps it is time to investigate InterConnect as many of the typical advantages can be achieved through InterConnect without the repetition of data storage. 

Gone are the days of time-consuming Excel spreadsheets, copying and pasting data, human errors, and countless hours of lost productivity and efficiency. 

InterConnect is part of the Optimum software platform, you can instantly compare, analyse, report, manipulate, trend, push and pull any data from any connected software system at your site. 

InterConnect Features

Enhances the collective performance of all connected software systems.  

Allows data to be pushed and pulled from one system to the other. 

Manages data in real time.

Eliminates the need for cumbersome, time-consuming
Excel spreadsheets.

Delivers greater accuracy and minimises human error.

Increases productivity, efficiency and profit margin.  

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