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Achieve digital mining productivity and efficiency with data portal.

Gone are the days of copying and pasting mining data, emailing information around, manually inputting information from a PDF, losing data or making changes to data without traceability.

Data Portal is one of the most versatile modules within the software platform, capable of converting and replacing any Excel driven spreadsheet or PDF document into a digital form with the same look and feel as Excel. 

Data Portal allows management of the metallurgical accounting function, through to handling any type of complex reconciliation equation and drives mining productivity and mining efficiency through the reduction of errors, manpower and administration.


Data Portal enables operations to move the capture and reporting of production data away from spreadsheets with the security of digital backups, Windows integrated login, change tracking, security level privilege based on position. 

Data Portal can be used for: 

  • Operator Shift Handovers
  • Metal Accounting
  • Production Management
  • Lab Assay
  •   Bridging registers 
  • Targets and Limits
  • Condition Monitoring Data
  • Asset Health PF Curve
  •  Reagent Management 

Data Portal's data forms provide simple access for inputting, storing and managing targets, budgets, and limits across the full mining software platform. External integration with CCLAS, LIMS and many other production data sources, means Data Portal provides a single point database for important information storage. 


With seamless integration across the Optimum platform and any connected system, you now have access to data with capability to view, modifies tore, analyze, trend, report, investigate, confirm, and validate at an advanced level. Book a demo now. 

Data Portal Features

Administer CPEM Limits
Multiple levels of security & authority
Metallurgical Accounting Solution
Administer the Production OEE & Downtime Targets
Use data in Dashboards, Trends, Pivot Tables, and Reports
Metallurgical Laboratory Solution
Convert existing spreadsheet based processes to a full database driven solution

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