A Practical Approach to Improving Asset Health & Equipment Reliability with Dashboards

Asset Health Dashboards In today’s world of Asset Management, digital data is an increasingly important part with many Asset Health challenges becoming visible. The digital connectivity allows for problems to be solved using an increased amount of information available from sensors and instruments. The real-time data capability is an advancement in many aspects, but still has opportunities for improvement, particularly …

New Client Harmony Gold

Harmony Gold chooses MPPIglobal in Asset Optimization

Harmony Gold has selected MPPIglobal to commence the first stage in their Asset Optimization project in PNG. The project will incorporate MPPIglobal unique design capability in Asset Optimization, Productivity and Efficiency improvement, coupled with Optimum Software, which is fast becoming the software of choice for many mining companies. Stay tuned for update as the project unfolds.

Canada Office

MPPI Global opens up its Canada Office

After several months of planning the Canadian MPPI Global office is now officially open. Positioned close to Toronto is has already gained interest from new clients wanting to understand more about MPPI Global and our Optimum Platform. Congratulation to the team for establishing a strong presence in the North American region.

New Client Evolution Mining

Evolution Mining selects Asset Optimization/Production OEE solution

At the completion of the recent tender process, Evolution Mining has selected MPPI Global and the Optimum software package as the preferred platform to be piloted with the aim of delivering asset optimization for its mining and processing operations. With the business focused on enhancing productivity and efficiency, MPPI Global’s unique Production OEE model, continuous improvement package, and operational experience …

Optimum Software launches the new Data Portal Module!

Optimum Software is considered by some to be one of the most advanced and innovative digital solutions in the mining minerals and metals industry today. It underpins MPPI Global’s Asset Optimization solution by highlighting opportunities for productivity and efficiency improvement, production improvements and helps drives operational costs down. Which is why we are proud to announce our newest creation, the …

Before Investing Capital, Optimize!

Time and time again I visit operations that have commissioned capital equipment which failed to deliver the improved production that justified its purchase. By doing so they have either created greater capacity in plant areas that was not the production bottleneck or they have just masked the under-performance of existing assets; both of these scenarios are to the long term …

Process Plant Optimization

Process Plant Optimization and OEE

One of the key factors in optimizing a process plant’s performance is maximizing the value generation of the asset. This maximization of asset performance can look different depending on the business drivers at the time, an example of which is the current sales market for your commodity. In a sales-constrained environment, the process plant driver may be to extract as …

Challenges When Applying OEE in Mining

Challenges When Applying OEE in Mining

The concept of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) was first developed in the 1960s specifically for measuring performance within the manufacturing industry. There is clear value to be gained in implementing OEE correctly in any industry; however for mining there have been challenges in adapting this measurement technique to extract maximum value. This article will highlight, in no particular order, the …

Facing Common Challenges with Business Improvement Initiatives

Facing Common Challenges with Business Improvement Initiatives

Is your organisation getting maximum value from its business improvement effort? They say hindsight is 20/20. Leaders of many operations wish they had the foreknowledge of what their real possible outcomes could be. Leaders in the mining industry work to find ways to get more out of their operation for little or no extra capital expenditure. When merely achieving budget …

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Mining

Is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in Mining Different to OEE in Manufacturing?

I am going to assume that people reading this article have an understanding of how OEE is usually calculated, and how it can be used to drive improvement. Firstly, I have implemented OEE models all over the world in a mining environment, and while the concept is similar to manufacturing, believe me when I tell you successful OEE deployments in …

Electrowinning Plant

Maximizing the Copper Output from an Electrowinning Plant

Is your copper electrowinning plant running at capacity? Just about every industry today is trying to squeeze the most out of their assets in an effort to increase production without any major capital expenditure. When merely achieving budget is no longer enough, leaders push to find areas where improvement can be made with the data they are given. But what …