Concentrate Dewatering Plant
Asset Optimization

The customer is a mid-tier copper mining company in Australia with copper assets globally. The company produces 200,000 tonnes of copper p.a., however, is still looking to further its production growth at one of its underperforming sites in Africa. The project resulted in an average increase of electrowinning production by 25%, an annual increase of 14,000 tonnes of copper produced, and an additional AU$80 million in annual revenue.




The process plant in this project struggled to deliver its planned output due to operating constraints in the dewatering plant. The dewatering plant was consistently below the required target and was considered to be the natural bottleneck for the operation. The Management team were considering options to help increase overall production output, however, with limited data available to accurately understand production losses, reliability issues, and process restrictions, the improvement initiatives had been largely ineffective and capital investment was under consideration.


MPPIglobal’s structured improvement methodology Production OEE was deployed to deliver insight on production losses, restrictions and reliability issues within the plant. The deployed software solution was designed to drive continuous improvement in terms of production increases, by identifying the opportunity gap and prioritizing losses that prevent the plant from achieving its maximum production capability. This solution identified improvement opportunities at the process and equipment level, prioritizing each loss in terms of production, allowing the sites operational team, supported by project improvement resources, to make tactical improvements for rapid and effective results.


The Production OEE project was conducted over a 10-week period which involved a brief period of discovery to establish technical specification around data capture requirements, software deployment requirements, systems integration, change management, and training. The solution monitored each filter press, both individually and as a holistic group of assets, alongside the concentrate quality being produced.  The Production OEE solution was able to quickly highlight and report to management the opportunities for improvement from day one, with gains realized within the first week. The implementation consisted of a digital platform for data capture as well as prioritization and reporting of improvement opportunities.


Results following the implementation of MPPIglobal’s Production OEE module include:

  • The deployment of a digital solution for sustainable ongoing production performance
  • The program provided increased data availability on all restrictions, losses and reliability issues.
  • Visibility and production-based prioritization was created for improvement actions
  • 35% additional production capacity was unlocked at the dewatering plant over a 6-month period.