Real time graphs, Dashboards, trends and charts at your finger tips

The Analytics Module is one of the most powerful modules within the Optimum Software suite. It provides the mine with real-time visibility of key performance indicators on live dashboards with embedded gauges, charts, graphs, and trends to support improvement in mining productivity and efficiency.

The dashboards display and integrate various types of mining data from equipment downtime, production, asset health, costs, quality, safety, metallurgical accounting, grade control, mine planning and more to provide the best possible insight into data all in one place.
The user can define their own trends, pivot tables and interactive dashboard, and save them as personal favorites or shared favorites, putting the right information in front of the right people in your business to make the best possible decisions.

When the Analytics Module is combined with the other Optimum Software modules, it quickly becomes the single point platform for the mine, providing access to all connected software implemented at the mine. Imagine being able to compare, visualise and manage data from the CMMS, safety system, fleet management system, geology model, and grade control all in the one place in real time. 

Analytics Features

Real-time visibility of KPIs

View analytics anytime, anywhere with mobile dashboards

Global portfolio visibility with the ability to see data from all your operations

User defined Trending Tools

Customisable and user-friendly views

User defined Pivot Tables

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