Agincourt Resources Case Study

Agincourt Resources – Case Study


PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR) is an Indonesian based mining company engaged in exploration, mining and mineral processing of gold and silver bullion. Its sole operating site is the Martabe Gold Mine in Sumatra. Corporate functions are managed from Jakarta.


Agincourt Resources Case Study

Martabe Gold Mine is located in North Sumatra in the District of South Tapanuli. Most of the mine’s support facilities are located adjacent to the trans-Sumatran highway and close to a number of villages that belong to the sub-district of Batangtoru. Martabe is managed and operated by PT Agincourt Resources. The mine covers an area of 30 km² that falls under the sixth generation of Contract of Work (CoW) covering a total area of 1,639 km².The operating capacity of Martabe Gold Mine is 4.5 mtpa ore to produce in excess of 250,000 oz of gold and 2-3 Moz of silver per annum.

MPPIglobal implemented “Optimum Software” at Martabe, which is one of the most advanced an innovated Asset Optimization software’s available on the market today. At Martabe, Optimum monitors the major production plant areas, capturing and quantifying lost opportunities, and automatically triggering investigations through a number of new innovative modules that challenge the landscape of typical delay accounting. Optimum captures production delays and helps categorize and prioritize improvements initiatives to further build on Martabe strong productivity and efficiency drive.