the first OEE software Module designed specifically to improve Mine Site performance

Unlike Manufacturing OEE, Production OEE is a more complexed measurement designed specifically for process plants and mobile fleets. Typical OEE is not built to balance with production resulting an inaccurate figure. Production OEE maximises production capabilities within your mine site, being one of the most advanced production improvement softwares in mining today.

MPPIglobal’s Production OEE is the only dedicated mine management software module that accounts for mining variables and reports OEE metrics that are true and correct; balance production through integration with metal accounting, geology and mine planning solutions- metrics such as availability, utilisation, REQ and OEE.

Production OEE uses a three-metric approach to determine how assets and processes are functioning in availability, performance and REQ resulting as an OEE number (%). The integration with lab assay, grade, moisture, fill factor, and real-time capture means metrics are correct, and losses can be broken down in production units.


The Production OEE algorithm has been developed over several years with digital integration. Based on mining OEE measurement and the Theory of Constraints, this dedicated mine management software solution is capable of delivering capturing, classifying and prioritising losses in production for benchmarking and improvements.

Production OEE Features

Based upon the Theory of Constraints

Identifies availability, performance, and quality losses across any asset

Clarifies production opportunities

Drives year-on-year improvement

Identifies the Opportunity Gap against an asset's true capability

Increased production and revenue


If you are looking for a way to rapidly increase reliability, availability, recovery, and production, there is only one dedicated mining OEE solution.
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