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Optimum is our innovative proprietary built mining software specifically designed for mining operations. The solution is ideal for applications in process plants, concentrators, SAG mills, CHPP, ball mills, wash plants, mobile fleet management and much more. The mine management software offers a range of modules that can work in isolation, or as a combination to provide a fully integrated mining software platform for total customer flexibility.

Optimum has advanced security layers, change tracking, and reprocessing capability that ensures your data is always accurate to standards. With Optimum’s flexible multi-language option, you can have multiple languages in the one mine and seamlessly move between them which is ideal with mixed language mines.  


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Optimum Can...

  • Provide Predictive Maintenance awareness
  • Capture Equipment Breakdown Data
  • Visualise information on Dashboards
  • Integrate site software applications
  • Maximise constraint opportunities
  • Graph and trend data
  • Conduct RCA’s
  • Manage Short Interval Control (SIC)
  • Improve Reliability
  • Improve Asset Health
  • Automate Site Reporting
  • Manage Critical Processes
  • Capture variations in Production
  • Manage Risks
  • Contextualise event data
  • Manage Metallurgical Balances
  • Drive operational costs down
  • Manage Continuous Improvement Actions
  • Improve Availability and Utilisation
  • Safeguard your license to operate
  • Measure OEE
  • Increase Up-Time
  • Establish a Continuous Improvement framework

We are industry leaders in mining management software

We offer a package deal for our mining software, or you can select which combination of our current Optimum Modules will work best for your business, as well as choose the elements within each that are important to you. We believe you should only pay for what you need with our mining software solutions! 

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Capterra reviews thousands of different software platforms, including Optimum. Visit their website to see what customers think of our software.

Capterra Software Reviews

“Production OEE Model” Overall: Our fixed processing plant had traditionally utilised a loss reporting system which was cumbersome and lacked the capability of producing useful data. Analysis was time consuming and often results were misleading. The Optimum Production OEE module was implemented to better understand plant priorities and to streamline our efforts in resolving the right issues. Easy to analyse OEE production reports are now automatically generated on a daily, weekly, monthly basis describing major losses within the plant and quantifies losses in terms of metal units or dollars. Implementation has greatly assisted in eliminating noise and efficiently improving plant performance.
Andrew P.