mining software that manages Defect elimination

The Defect Elimination module is a digitally integrated module that is designed to drive performance at your mining operation. Defect Elimination is part of the Optimum platform, a total mine management software that offers a centralised repository for storing investigation details, managing defects, action management and continuous improvement initiatives.
The integrated module manages the complete improvement framework by connecting seamlessly to other mining software systems, monitoring performance to automatically trigger events based on business rules.

These business rules can be built around time loss, production loss or risk to the business and are ideal for improving assets such as:

  • Crushing Plants
  • Process Plants
  • Mobile Mining Fleet
  • Mining Hoists

The Defect Elimination process consists of identifying opportunities for improvement. Establishing automatically or manually, it captures event metadata and prioritises the event in terms of importance to the business; allocating an investigation type such as a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) or 5 Why’s, assigning it to a person or position, then begins managing the investigation process by storing reports, photos, and managing follow up actions based on time for close out of events.


Defect Elimination is a critical requirement for any mine site leader wanting to drive improvement in the following:

  • Equipment Reliability
  • Asset Performance
  • Availability & Utilisation
  • Maintenance Execution
  • Process Recovery & Stability
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Compliance to Plan
  • Production Performance
  • Cost performance
  • Continuous Improvement Projects.
  • Safety indicators.

Defect Elimination Features

Continuous improvement platform that provides accountability for actions.

Manages due dates and investigation time frames. 

Prioritises loss events through automated trigger levels.

Manages RCA’S, 5 Why’s and other investigation types. 
Identify the reason for loss based upon predefined business rules.
Assign a responsibility to a person or position for ownership. 

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